Starting my journal with a bang!

by Amanda Barham

My 22nd birthday, 2.5 weeks ago got hit on the freeway by a guy that lost control of his car at 75-80 mph and t-boned me. That's right folks. Everyone was supposed to be going one direction, and he managed to spin out of control and hit me straight in the side of my pickup. My pickup was thrown in the air, rolled 3 times, and landed on its roof. My friend and I had to crawl out through the windows.

So, lived through that, no broken bones, seeing a chiropractor, idiot didn't have the insurance he claimed to have...

Fast forward to today. I've got a rental, driving home, everything's going fine... We're stopped at a stop light when the traffic moves a short distance and stops. That's fine, I move a little bit and stop just fine. No biggy, nothing out of the ordinary, until I get freaking rear-ended! I mean what the heck is it that this world has against me lately? Are you trying to tell me that I need to not drive? Because I never liked driving in the first place, I'm only driving out of needing transportation to get to school. Now I'm stuck in a rental car that smells like cigarette smoke. My optimism is seriously lacking at this point. Woo!

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